July 27, 2010



Yesterday in the mail i received my Trollkin Long Riders. I’ve been waiting for these for a while and was slightly disappointed that of the 5 i received 4 were the same miniature.  Not a huge issue though as i like to convert and sculpt so this was a great opportunity to get in some more practice.  So far I've managed to modify two of these big bad boyz.


The first one seen in the picture about i decided to reposition the head so it was looking more up and to do this i needed to pin the head into position and then re-sculpt the whole neck. Quite easy and took maybe 20 minutes if that.




For the second bison i decided to pose him more like he was just butting something with its head. To do this i had to hack the leg off and pin it in a new position and then re-sculpt some of the muscle shape and hair.  I also bent the position of the rear legs slightly and had to tidy up a few areas which had been damaged during this process. (the material the Privateer Press casts there miniatures out of is pretty tough and large models like these are difficult to bend without applying a lot of force!!).  For this model i also decided that i wanted the head of the rider to be different so out came my trusty clippers again and i clipped off the head and replaced it with an armoured Kreil head that i had spare from my Kreil warriors box. A little bit of putty to rebuild the neck and it was done.

Overall I'm happy with how these have turned out. I will probably modify one more of the long riders so that all 5 miniatures are different. (after all I'm unlikely to ever do up a second unit so i might as well make them look as good as i can.)

- after noticing how bad the pictures turned out here are a couple of quick close ups.

WIP-longrider1 WIP-longrider2 WIP-longrider3

Keen to know what you guys think.

July 26, 2010



xtranormal is a little program i just discovered. You just choose a scene and some characters and type a script and it renders it all for you. Pretty basic but lots of fun to much around with!

July 23, 2010

Im not dead

Hi out there to anyone who follows my blog - im not dead, ive just currently got no internet at home.  I swear you dont realise how important it is till its gone - i feel like im living in the dark ages!!!

If i ever manage to get connected again ill have lots of new pictures to put up.

July 08, 2010

Finished Dug in Markers

Here’s a couple of quick shots of the Dug in markers finished.

July 07, 2010

Big Cats


Just finished these three King Tigers for a friend. Figured id get a few shots before they go to their new home.


I think they have turned out really well.

Dug in Artillery Marker


A work mate asked me if i could build him a couple of dug in markers for his German Artillery Battery he’s intending to use at an upcoming tournament.

Here’s what I've come up with so far. Its late so i wont explain the process at the moment but anyone who wants to know feel free to ask and I'll tell you how i did it.  There aren’t finished yet and still needs a lot of detail work etc but i think they are looking good so far.

Dug-in-marker1 Dug-in-marker2 Dug-in-marker3 Dug-in-marker4

July 05, 2010

Posting Gremlins!

Its come to my attention that some people have been unable to post on my plog due to the verification id under the comments not displaying fully.  Ive disabeled the verification for the moment so posting should now be possible for everyone.  I'll put the verification back as soon as i figure out why its not displaying properly.
Sorry to anyone who wanted to post a comment.

July 03, 2010

Header/banner third and final attempt

mmm after having another think about effects the banner needs ive decided that the trolls skin needs to be lightened up somewhat. I was a little worried about trying this but its actually alot like painting layers onto a miniature.  I also decided that the troll needed a bit of color for his eye and needed to have some rocky lumps added to his arm.

Im happy with the Banner now and will leave it like this.  Now to think about how to do the blog background!

Header/banner Second attempt

After going out for a couple of hours i thought about changes i should make to my banner.  The first thing that needed to be changed was the colour of the troll. He had to be Blue!
After that i looked at some of the smaller details and made lots of little adjustments here and there – way too many for me to remember or list. 

So here is the banner take 2. Let me know which one you prefer?

A new Trollblood blog

Hey everyone

Ive been mucking around with Photoshop trying to learn how to make a Banner/Header for a blog. I figured the best way to learn is have something to push you to learn so i decided to start up a Fan Blog for Hordes and in Particular Trollbloods.  

Here's what ive come up with for the Header/banner for the blog:

Its pretty rough, but this morning i had no idea how to make a header/banner at all so im rather happy with it for the moment.  Ill come up with more ideas im sure but for now i like how it looks.  The idea for the name is inspired from a sig on the PP forums created i believe by PG_Warsmith. (im im wrong please correct me so i can credit the right person.) Its excellent and very fitting and has become a bit of a funny dig/joke amongst our hordes gaming group as i have been making an ridiculous amount of tough rolls! 

Love to know what you guys think? - go easy (remember its my first attempt!)