May 29, 2016

The Studio is moving and i need to get rid of stuff :(

Yep after almost 10 years im moving.

My wife and i have sold the house and we are building a new house on a much bigger property. Unfortunately this means we are renting and are having to move. The house is mega chaotic with half packed boxes everywhere.

The weight of the last 10 years of collecting models has become apparent and i may have to sell many of my armies to make the job of moving easier - seriously i have way too much stuff to try and move.  The wife has now seen all and knows all my dirty hobby secrets. Nothing has remained hidden!!!

So to that end if you have seen anything on my site that you liked and would want to have in your collection send me a email and i can tell you if i still have it. Make me an offer on anything! If it makes living out of boxes easier for the next year then its all good.

I can start painting anew once im in my new home. (where i will have a 13' square sound proofed studio to work in.)