July 12, 2012

Latest Battlefront painting work

Here we have an SS unit i painted up at work for a spotlight.  i really enjoyed this unit as i hadn't painted any late war SS before so it was nice to try my hand at pea dot camo.  What do you guys think?

SS-Heavy Mortar Platoon (GE818)

  SS-Heavy Mortar Platoon (GE818)

more pics on the FOW website

July 02, 2012

Imperial Roman Legionaries for FOG.

Here we have one of 4 Battle-groups of Imperial Roman Legionaries for my new FOG Army.

Ive been sitting on these miniatures from Corvus Belli for over 7 years now and im really glad ive almost finished them all.

July 01, 2012

Another FOG unit

Here's another unit for my Romans i finished up yesterday.  Numidian Skirmishers.

Also here's the Roman Auxiliary Cavalry from the other day with a simple blue background. I like this more than the other background and think ill use the blue as a standard from now on for all my pics of finished miniatures.