November 20, 2010

New 35pt Troll List

Tomorrow me and the lads will be playing Warmachine/Hordes all day long.  This time ive decided that im going to stick to one list for a few weeks in a rob and see if i can make it work.

Here's the list i will be using:

Epic Madrak
Swamp Troll
2x Impalers
Fellcaller Hero
6 Pyg bushwackers
10 Pyg Burrowers
Stone Scribe Chronicler
Trollkin Champion Her0
6 Trollkin Fenblades with Officer and Drummer Attachment.

So there ya go, 35pts of troll goodness.  Let me know what you think. Ill post some pics and combat results tomorrow night.

November 13, 2010

New Android Phone Gaming APPS

Although not officially out in the NZ market the HTC DESIRE HD is available from several parallel importers for not too much more that you will pay for a Samsung Galaxy S (next closest phone in NZ to the Desire HD).  I had been agonizing for weeks over which new smart phone to get as my 1st gen IPhone was starting to show its age and i have to say that paying the extra and getting the HTC desire HD was the right choice (at least for me).   I'm using it on the New Zealand Vodafone network and I'm having no problems at all.  My only complaint would be about the battery life but i haven't had it long enough to test it fully I'm guessing it will be comparable to my first gen IPhone (needing a charge every 2nd day on moderate use and once a day on heavy use).


Id be keen to hear if any other bloggers out there have got this phone and what they think about it.  Any tips on getting the most out of it would be most useful.


The real point of this post is the two great gaming Apps from the Android Market place for fans of Warmachine and Hordes.

The first I'm sure many gamers with iPhones will have heard of IBODGER. 

iBodger is a free application for creating army lists for Warmachine and Hordes, two fantastic tabletop games of miniatures combat from Privateer Press. iBodger supports all factions, special forces, and rules up to and including MkII Trollbloods. It also includes links to Battle College and many of Chris Walton's sketches.
iBodger includes full support for both MkI and MkII rules (including all Theme Forces), along with the option to convert armies between the rule sets. It also lets you keep track of your collection of models.

The second App is BATTLE TIMER

A free turn timer/counter specifically for Warmachine and Hordes players.
Keep track of turn length and count game time with this handy timer.

This is very useful if you play Hard-core tournaments or just like to keep your games short so you can get in more gaming in a day. Smile

Battle Timer for Android screenshot

Battle Timer for Android screenshot

So there ya go two great apps that are free to download and use go and give them a try and let me know what you think Smile