October 12, 2010

For Sale

Added a few items into the for sale page. Not sure what these are worth so if your interested drop me and e-mail me what your prepared to offer for them.

More stuff going up over next week or so.



October 03, 2010

Not a lot happening!

Well as the title says – not much has been happening lately, heaps of half finished projects sitting on my desk but nothing being finished.

With the NZ Late War Grand Tournament for Flame of war just around the corner I've been working on an IS-85 list (this should be finished by the end of the week all going well which should leave me some free time to finish up some other projects.

One other semi interesting thing is I've decided that FOG is a bit too slow for my liking and too that end I've decided that I'm going to make up my own set of rules using FOW as a basis and mix in a few elements from other systems that i like and see what i get.  What I’m aiming for is too create a much faster set of rules to play whilst hopefully keeping the flavour of ancients.

If anyone has any ideas about this let me know as id love to know what you think.