September 16, 2012

Zombiecide has landed in New Zealand

YAY!!!!!!!!!  it's finally here. Well actually it turned up 4 days ago but ive been too busy to post but ive just finished playing it all day with the lads and it's a massive amount of fun and im all amped about it..

Unless you have been living under a rock you have an idea what Kick starter is and will have heard about Zombiecide (one of the most funded board game/war gaming projects to date). If not, you need to check out: or the Zombiecide website :

All the parts promised from the Kick starter project were in the package including a spanky red t-shirt with the Zombiecide logo on the front. The game rules are very easy to pick up; and after playing the tutorial mission (where we kicked total zombie butt) we moved onto the first proper mission, we tried playing it three times in total and we jsut got our butts handed to us. We did discover that we were doing the odd thing slightly wrong (as is normally the case with a new game) but over all the zombies just were too overpowering for us.  The game is extreamly action packed after the first few turns. The more successful you are in killing zombies or collecting objectives the harder the game gets and the brain eating buggers just keep on coming.  It's just as well the game is cooperative because if you weren't all working together you would be eaten in a matter of turns.  Its a really interesting mix between needing to sneak around and committing mass zombie murder.  

Below is a pic of the game in process.

- the zombie hoard approaches!

- The sad demise of unlucky players. (in one turn 5 out of the 6 players died.)

It's been a blast of a day.  Im so amped from playing ive undercoated all of the characters and am going to start painting them.  Watch this space for progress pics.