May 27, 2011

Rasputina and Crew - WIP

I was so jazzed by my new Malifaux models that i just got that i had to get started on them asap. Here is Rasputina and her crew of a Hoarcat Pride, 3x Ice Gamins and of course my fav - the Ice Golem. I liked him so much i was painting till almost midnight to get him half done.

20 odd layers of Washes and multiple levels of highlights. He just needs his eyes brought to life a little and some snow on his base and he will be done.

As you can see Ive almost compleated the Hoarcat Pride and the Ice Gamins.

You may have also noticed that the quality of my pictures has improved somewhat overnight. This is because i finally got off my arse and set up my proper digital camera and light Box. Hopefully everyone likes the change.

People are Awesome!


Was feeling a tad down this morning and i came across an older Utube video which after watching it made me feel all inspired to do stuff today. You may have already seen it but if you haven't watch it through to the end and tell me if you don't feel slightly inspired by how awesome humans are.

May 25, 2011

Rasputina's cult of December - Unboxing

Here we have Rasputina's cult of December for Malifaux.


In this Malifaux starter box you get 4 fantastic miniatures. Firstly you have Rasputina herself. She is the master of the gang. The rest of the gang consists of constructs, 3 ice gamins and a mighty ice golem.


The miniatures are excellent. They have a small amount of flash but overall are excellent. They are made of white metal rather than lead and this makes them a little brittle. I found the ice gamins a little fragile due to their small size but as long as you are carefull with them this shouldn't be an issue when you use them in a game.


Overall I think this is a great looking starter set. I'm looking forward to making some sculpted bases and painting them. I rate them 8 out of 10.
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so many new goodies!

So I have this week and next week off and in preperation for this perfect time for modeling and painting I ordered myself some new toys around three weeks ago. Much is sadly Still to arrive but today a got a few small packages in the mail. My first malifaux gang of Arcanists, a purple fate deck, a puppet deck the malifaux rules manual and the latest edition of wargames illustrated.

I'll do an unboxing, and review after I've taken a look through it all.
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May 21, 2011

Photo Test

been mucking around with Photobucket to see what it capable of. Heres a quick shot I've done up using Photobucket's build in tools.

May 17, 2011

What a Day


My poor wife goes and slips over and cracks her head on the tiles. 2 hours at the local A&E and then 5 hours more at the local Hospital and we are finally Home at 2am.

Thank goodness she’s going to be ok,

May 14, 2011

Setup for Todays Battletech Game.

Today is gaming day and I've just finished setting up my garage for a small band of friends who will be playing Flames of war getting ready for the mid war GT here in Auckland, New Zealand next Saturday and Sunday.

While that is going on ill be playing a couple of games of Battletech. Below is a picture of my terrain setup for the game. What do you think too much terrain or not enough??


During the game ill take some turn by turn shots and try and do a battle report.

May 10, 2011

Comments Gremlins

Ive been made aware that some people are having issues posting on my blog. Till i resolve the issue Ive removed the password verification so in theory there wont be any issues - lets hope im not spammed to buggery.

Please post a comment or two so i can see this has solved the problem for the moment.

May 07, 2011

More FOW painting work goes live on the FOW Website.

A couple of new releases this week done by me.
4.5" Howitzer Battery (BBX22)
The origins of the Ordinance Quick Fire (OQF) 4.5” howitzer go back as far as the Boer War of 1899-1902. The British forces begun to realise that their own field artillery was being outclassed by the more modern pieces being fielded by the Boers. The British immediately got to work developing potential contenders in an attempt to catch up.

Hotchkiss 25mm Gun (BR505)
In addition to arming the French Army, the canon de 25 also saw service with the British Expeditionary Force (BEF). By this time, all available 2pdr anti-tank guns were needed by the artillery ant-tank regiments, so the infantry purchased canon de 25 from the French instead.
Hotchkiss 25mm Gun (BR505)...
This one is just a blister pack so no fancy box.

Scibor Miniatures

I Just came across a company ive never head of before but after visiting their website i wish id found them sooner.

Take a look at this picture and then head over to their website and check out their excellent miniatures.

May 04, 2011

Simple intro to Heavy Gear

As i wait for my heavy Gear Blitz: locked and loaded rulebook and minis to turn up ive been scouring the internet looking at reviews of this game.
Mini War gaming ( has put up an excellent review and shows of the basics of the game.

How to Play Heavy Gear Blitz

Check it out and let me know what you think.

May 01, 2011

New Games on the Horizon

This year I've decided to branch out in my gaming experiences and have decided to give several new games a go. Mainly because i really want to expand my painting horizons but also because i don't want to burn out on games i enjoy playing currently.
The games I'm currently looking at (in no Particular order)
1) Heavy Gear Blitz: Locked and loaded      
Website link:
Although I've know about this game since it first came on the scene some 15 years ago my initial thoughts were nice models but kind of complex and slow rules. At the time i was heavily into Battletech and never gave it a try.  Now a new version of the rules (this might be version 5??) Locked and Loaded has recently come on the scene and the rules look really streamlined and the miniatures have just got better and better over the years.
HGB Locked & Loaded Rulebook Rev 1.1 (Full Color, Softcover)

HGB Locked & Loaded Rulebook Rev 1.1 (Full Color, Softcover)

Welcome to the 62nd century and the world of Terra Nova. Colonized by humans, left to fend for itself, and divided between two rival superpowers, recent events have brought this formerly united planet once more to the brink of war. The harsh battlefields of Terra Nova are home to a new type of fighting machine: the 15 foot tall war walkers called Heavy Gears. Filling a role between tanks and infantry, it has radically altered the face of warfare. The battle for Terra Nova has begun. Will you fight for honor, for pride, or for the land to call your own?
Heavy Gear Blitz – Locked & Loaded includes revised, streamlined miniature wargaming rules, with plentiful rule examples. Faster to learn, faster to play. Also included within this book:
  • An introduction to the world of Terra Nova.
  • 4-page map section covering all of Terra Nova.
  • A scenario generator that encourages tactical victory conditions, designed to work well with leagues and tournaments, including basic campaign rules.
  • Comprehensive Field Guides for the Northern Guard, Southern MILICIA, Peace River Defense Force, and Port Arthur Korps, along with individual Member League Armies and the Leagueless to support you in building your forces.
  • Regiments of Note listings covering the more interesting and unique regiments on Terra Nova.
  • 6-page miniatures gallery including an assembly and painting guide. Timeline covering from before the Interpolar War to the formation of the Westphalia Cabinet and the Black Talons.
  • 90+ datacards, covering all the standard vehicles used in the Field Guides.
A core miniature game rulebook for all players; Requires the use of six-sided dice (not included) and Dream Pod 9 miniatures. For two or more players, age 8 and older.
The Heavy Gear Blitz Locked & Loaded Rulebook Revised Edition Rev 1.1 includes some new pictures of miniatures not available when the book was first released. Plus small rules and text revisions along 1 new page of datacards and 3 pages of quick reference sheets at the end, that bring the interior page count up to 204 pages.
ISBN 978-1-897460-94-8
(This is how you advertise your product – from the description above i have at least a fair idea of what will be in the book.)
2) Malifaux 
This game is pretty new on the scene. Especially here in New Zealand. It has some fantastic looking models and an interesting rules system where Dice are removed from the game and instead you use a deck of cards to resolve game effects – ive played one game of this against my friend Rob from – Painted addiction and think it’s kinda cool. Small outlay for Miniatures ect means this is a great place for a wargamer on a low budget.
Malifaux Core Rulebook
Malifaux CORE Rulebook
Wyrd Miniatures is proud to announce its character driven skirmish game, Malifaux. The game book is soft covered, with 216 full colored pages inside. Malifaux is diceless, utilizing our eye catching illustrated Fate Deck, you play a unique card based system that encourages tactics, strategy and resource management over the random fall of dice.
Based in an alternate Earth, Malifaux uses gothic, steampunk, victorian horror with a dose of the wild west to inject fun and depth into the magical lawlessness of a world rife with monsters, necropunks, manmachine hybrids, gunslingers, and power-hungry politicos. Actively using character-driven stories to define the world of Malifaux, seek your fortune in this fast paced and brutal 32mm tabletop miniature skirmish game. Assemble your crew and stake your claim!
No longer do you have to trust the fickle fate of a dice roll, in Malifaux you use cards, a Fate Deck, as you lead your Crew to victory with strategy, tactics and resource management, and if that isn’t enough, you can Cheat Fate. Looking for scalability? Malifaux has it. Jump directly into a Scrap with 4 – 6 miniatures, ensuring a quick and brutal fight with each character having unique skills and abilities. Want to escalate it? Take it to a Brawl, bring in additional members of your faction or hire out mercenaries to do your dirty work.

(Not a bad description but id have little idea of the book layout if i hadent actually had a flick through this one.)
3) Infinity
Website Link:
This is another game that has been out for a while. The Miniatures are fantastic. However the 1st edition rules we awful – very hard to get to grips with as it was poorly laid out. The production values were top notch though – awesome pictures and heaps of colour when such things were rare in the wargaming world. With a second edition out ive decided that i will take the plunge and try my hand at this game before the end of the year.
INFINITY Rulebook - 2nd English Edition

Reference: 289903
Hard cover book, 232 pages, in full colour.
With pictures, illustrations, and everything you need to play Infinity: background, rules, complete army lists, markers and templates.
(Proof that some gaming companies really need to push their product a little harder. From this description i have no idea what’s actually contained in the rules.)
Ok so not really new games but pretty new for me and my friends.
I’ve taken the plunge and ordered a Rulebook and a starter force for each game. As they arrive ill do a full review of the figures and the books. 
If anyone has played any of these games or more importantly is playing these games now id love to hear your thoughts on them and any tips for collecting, playing ect.