November 26, 2017

Republican roman skirmishers

A solid weekends painting saw 4 units of skirmishes finished.

Hopefully by the end of next week I'll have the 4 allied skirmisher units done as well.

In the background you can also see some command stands that I'm working on.

What did everybody else get done over the weekend?

November 25, 2017

Review of Victrix Numidian Cavalry set

My first review in a long time. Slowly working on a format for all future videos.

March 21, 2017


So last night I just wasn't in the mood for painting so after giving our new house site a check as I do a couple of times a week to see how the build slowly progresses I decided that I'd do some basing and work out a final scheme that I can carry out across my whole army.

The unit bases come from battle kiwi and were custom sized for me. Oliver the owner of Battle kiwi is quick to respond to messages of Facebook and email and the pricing is excellent. If you are looking for movement trays, bases or tokens or some scenery check out Battle kiwi.

Now into the unit trays. I assembled the tray with a bit of superglue (I was too impatient to wait for PVA to dry.  Have it a spray of black paint and then applied my base goop as I've come to call it. As soon as that was dry I applied my static grass mixture.

My bases were done the same way but after the static grass went down I applied some Army Painter lowland tufts and some flower tufts to make it look like my Romans are walking through some ancient grassy paddocks.  I like how they have turned out and think the whole army done the same way should look pretty good on the table.  The plan for the rest of the weeks painting is to do up 6 more exactly the same to cover all the units I've currently painted as well as trying to finish off a couple more Italian units.

March 20, 2017

Shield fun.

So I spent the weekend relaxing watching blue rays and working on my Italian allies. Was having a pike of fun working on the shields for the first of my Italian allies for the Romans.  I think they certainly look the part. The combination of mixed shield designs and the different tunic colours definitely make the allied units stand out from the Roman Maniples.

March 13, 2017

First games of Hail Caesar

So on Saturday I finally got to play my first game of Hail Caesar ever though I've had the rules and figures since the rules first came out!

I played 2 games.

The first was against Rob and his Greeks. It was a nail bighter till the very last dice throw. The phalanx rule is just nasty. I keep winning the fights but only by 1 or 2 points which ment everything kept ending in ties.

Game 2 was against Cavins Samurais. This was a very interesting game as almost every unit in his army could shoot bows at long range as well as still put up a good fight. Unfortunately for Cavin I got across the board very fast with triple moves for both my divisions. This meant he got one turn of shooting before I charged him in the second turn. Although he put up a bit of a fight the Romans are certainly tougher than the Samurai in a stand up fight. The dice averaged out and the Romans came out in top by the end of turn 3.

Both very fun games and I can't wait till the next game. Meanwhile I managed to assemble more Itallian allies.   

March 07, 2017

Republican Romans

So after a very long break I'm back painting again. If you follow me on Facebook you will see that I painted up a 1000 points of Concord troops for gates of Antares and have been busily working on 300 points of troops for Hail Caesar.  Here's a picture of a Roman unit that just needs basing.