August 28, 2010

War Pig


I've started work on my Farrow force. As soon as i learnt that the Farrow were being expanded by a Warcaster and a couple of warbeasts i knew i had to collect an army of these piggies!

I’ve decided that every model will have a sculpted base – it seams to be a common theme on the forums and i figured what the hell ill give it a go to. :)

Here’s where I'm at so far:

 DSCF0314DSCF0313 DSCF0315DSCF0316 

Here’s a couple of close ups of the green stuff work on the base:

DSCF0313closeup DSCF0314closeup DSCF0316close

Next to come will be a modified Lord Carver.

Kromac the ravenous.


Today i decided to start work on something other than my beloved troll bloods.  Chris had ordered Kromac intending to use him as his warlock for his circle army but had changed his mind after he had ordered him. I decided that although I'm unlikely to do a circle army any time soon i would really like to have a go at painting him (at least his human form).

I’ve started work on the base. As I was doing this more as a display piece than a gaming piece i put some thought and effort into the base.  Kromac’s pose lends itself very well to standing atop something staring into the distance.  I played around with several ideas. A fallen standing stone or a cliff face were two options i seriously considered. In the end i went with the idea of Kromac standing on the stump of a long ago fallen tree near the edge of a marsh. I started sculpting the base. At first i went for quite a high base which would have had Kromac well above most other figures but after looking at how this looked i decided a much lower tree stump was more practical option. (As knowing me i will one day undoubtedly start a circle force.)

this is where I'm at so far:

DSCF0303 DSCF0304 DSCF0305

Not the best photos but I'm sure you can see what I'm aiming for. A small amount of water will sit between the rock and the stump and will pass under two of the tree roots.

Hopefully ill have this all painted up before the end of the day.

Update: Saturday 28th August:

Managed to get the base finished and put the starting work onto Kromac’s skin and clothing.

Kormac1 Kormac2 Kormac3

Still a long way to go but i like how the base has turned out.

August 20, 2010

Change is in the Air!!

Well ive been pretty quiet over the last week and this is mainly due to a massive work load brought about by taking on too many contracts at once - silly me, (you think after all these years id learn!)

Anyways ive also just got a new job - Yay :)  After working in sales and customer service for Battlefront Miniatures for the last 6 odd years i finally have managed to get myself a job as part of the studio team and will be taking on the Hobby Support Manager role.  This basically means ill be making all the scenery that will be used in photo shoots for books and web material - exciting stuff, i finally get to be creative.

I have a pile of Warmachine and Hordes Projects on the go at the moment as well - hopefully this weekend i will get a chance to take a few photos.