August 21, 2015

Ecw army progress

So I've been working on this army for what a month or so now and finally am making real progress. Looking forward to starting on the artillery and characters in about two weeks time.

August 12, 2015

Been a long week so far but im managed to get some progress done on my ECW army.

The army still has a way to go but im making real progress. I've ordered 3 cannons and a mortar to match what Rob has to make sure i can bring as much artillery to bear as he can.

Also i ordered the start of my ACW army from perry miniatures. Packed and shipped in under 24 hours the Perry's rock. I know i said i wouldn't order them until the ACW army is finished but there was a deal going and with the exchange rate being awful for NZ i took my chance whilst i could.

Right now back to my second ECW infantry unit. ... why did i choose yellow...