December 29, 2011

MMO Review - The Old Republic

Over the years i have tried many different MMO's. I think it's because i miss my younger days of Role playing games where being involved in a story took you off to somewhere different than your normal everyday life. Unfortunately up to now most MMO's have have had ok story lines but i often found myself skipping pass the reading of the text - especially if i had done the story arc before.

Not so with "Star Wars The Old Republic". Bioware have utilised the system they used in their popular single player games Knights of the old republic and Dragon Age to turn drab MMO text into fully voiced and visual cut scenes where you get respond to the questions you are given with different choices that see your character responding. This system makes the whole experience feel so much more real and really brings the story arcs to life in a way no other MMO in my opinion ever has.  On top of this great feature the game has an excellent stylised visual look that is kinda a cross between the Clone Wars Cartoon style and a very crisp clean look like in Lord of the Rings online.  Although I've only visited 3 worlds so far I can say that the design of them is excellent and makes you really feel like you are in the Star Wars universe. Now yes i am a Star Wars fan boy but i know several people who are playing the game that are MMO fans and not really into Star Wars that have commented how good the game is so far. Now its still early days yet i only have 2 characters and the highest is only level 19 but in that time I've managed to try out the Instance system, the PVP system and the Space combat - yes at level 17-18 you get a spaceship and can do space combat quests - its a lot like Star fox in its combat system (if anyone remembers that game).

As i get more into the game ill post up more reviews on what i think of the crafting system and more of the mid level and high level content.

Till then my main character is a Sith Juggernaught called Korrum on the Vornskr server, if anyone reading this is playing the game or thinking about it feel free to PM me in the game. It would be a blast to run around with some of the people who follow my blog.

December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone out there in blog land.

I got the best christmas present - a copy of Starwars "the old republic" MMO, (I fear my painting may suffer over the next few months).

I hope everyone gets some nice new miniatures for christmas.

December 06, 2011


A few quick pics of something I've been working on during my lunch breaks, amazing what you can get done in a week with half an hour a day. This is probably how ill attempt to finish my next FOW army. (I suspect its going to take a while.)

Enjoy the pictures.

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