September 19, 2010



Hi Guys

Here’s some models i finished a few week packs for a friend.  I rather like how these turned out.


Russian BM-13 Katyusha multiple rocket launchers, based on a ZIS-6 trucks.

September 11, 2010

EW Panzers

Hi Everyone

Been a busy first couple of weeks in the new job but im loving it. Making terrain and writing articles beats customer service any day :)

My Early war army is finally finished - Yay!! (Well actually its just the first 1500 points but its a good start. Im looking forward to trying this out at Rallypoint in Hamilton in November.  A couple of games in and ive already noticed a few things the army is lacking. (Pics of the upgrades will follow in due course.)

I painted this army up for work - the first article can be seen here:


Command HQ of 2 Panzer 38(t) with 18T Recovery vehicle.


Panzer 2 c (early) platoon.

Panzer 38(t) Platoon 1 and 2.

8 Rads. 

 The full 1500 Army.

Im Very happy with how this force has turned out, (considering it was painted over the last couple of week during my lunch breaks) Check out the Flames of War web site for lots of close up pictures.

Let me know what you think.