March 23, 2014

painting commences.

OK this is going to be a bit of a photo dump of my progress on the undead dragon.

More to come.

March 21, 2014

Zombie Dragon

So it all started when i saw this picture about a year ago (maybe longer)

When the reaper bones kickstarter was announced I watched but never backed it. Too much money for models I wasn't going to use. But the dragons - oh my!!!  This picture made me almost spend my money. So fast forward to about 3 weeks back when I started my undead army.  I was thinking about what my big center piece for the army could be and the first 2 things that came to mind was a zombie dragon or a zombie giant.  I remembered that zombie dragon from the kickstarter,  and by pure luck I saw one for sale on trademe. $45 sold!!!!  It turned up last night so I set to work assembling it and green stuffing all the joints.

It truly is an awesome model to behold. I have one of my skeletons in the pictures for size reference.

The plastic that reaper used for their bones project is interesting to say the least.  It has rather bendy properties like rubber but mould lines clean up almost like hard plastic.  You can heat the material under hot water and can reposition parts.  It really is a very interesting material.

  I'm not sure what I'm going to do for the base at this stage but I need to keep it small to make sure it can be used in games easily.

Here it is undercoated.  I used a Vallejo airbrush primer for the base coat as I had seen on reviews online the the reaper bones plastic didn't like spay undercoat from a can. Unwilling to take a chance ruining this monster I used the slower method but the result is nice and smooth so it was worth it.

Hopefully I'll get some paint on the model by the weekends end but as its Equinox 2014 tomorrow I doubt I'll get much done as I'm going to be attending to play some games of Kings of War.

March 17, 2014

More skeleton painting

So another week has rolled by and I've managed to almost complete another 20 skeletons and a balefire catapult.   Now I'm going have to put serious thought to basing them.

March 09, 2014

first undead unit nears completion

So after a weak of evening painting my first 20 skeletons are almost ready.

Once i get some shield transfers and get to adding some dirt and rust effects they will be complate.

March 04, 2014

More work on the Skeletons

So ive managed to get more work done on the skeletons.  I think this scheme should do nicely.  Now I just need to figure out a shield symbol.  Any ideas and comments much appreciated.

The friendly Chaps on the Kings of War fanitics Facebook page suggested that I try out something simple like a tower from a chess set. whatever i choose it has too be easy to reproduce a hundred times.

what do you guys think of the red/white scheme? Is an imperial looking undead army scary looking or just silly?
I think each unit with have a different pattern on the shield using the same colours, So halved, Quartered etc. Im hoping this will separate the units but keep them unified at the same time.

The final part of the plan is to tone everything down and dirty them up with weathering powders to make them took like they just dragged themselves out of the ground.

I'm aiming to have the first 15-20 figs done by the end of Friday evening. (We will see if this happens.)


March 02, 2014

Kings of War

So I've been following Kings of Wars development for the last 3 years as i love Fantasy war gaming. Warhammer fantasy battle was my favourite war game for almost 20 years, but as time went by the rules changed and the models got more and more expensive.  Mantic games came along and brought out new models at an affordable cost. The models were a bit hit and miss and the rules were in development so i waited. About 5 months back they game started to take off in a bigger way here in Auckland with the first tournament held at Battlecry a few weeks back.  This made me decide it was dime to dive in and give it a go. 


An undead army was always one of my favourites and over the years i have painted a few different ones for myself and other people. I decided i would try out a skeleton horde as my first attempt at trying mantic models. The mantic skeletons are amazing models.  they have lots of character and remind me a lot of the army of the dead from Evil dead 3 –army of darkness.


I've tried to assemble the miniatures with as many different options as possible so thy really do look like a shambling horde. At the moment I'm not sure on a colour scheme but im thinking an imperial half red half white scheme to really go against the bone white and rusty metal.  Not sure how it will look till ive tried a few but i do know that i want the army to pop on the table.


should have some test figures ready by the end of tomorrow night.

If anyone out there plays Kings of War id love to know what you think of the game.