December 03, 2014


So following on from my last post I've managed to assemble 24 sergeants  with crossbows and get the first 8 painted.  More progress to follow.

December 02, 2014


So for the last 3? Weeks I've been beavering away on my first Saga force The militant orders of Christ or Milites Christi as they are called.   I've always been fascinated by the rise and fall of the knights Templar.   The militant orders list is perfect for representing these holy warriors.


All the shields have be painted by hand and I've stuck to a sale pallet of colours to keep the army cohesive.  I did a fair bit of reading regarding colours of the brothers and the men at arms the fought with them.  It appears the men at arms (Sergeants) were dressed in black whilst the brothers were in white with the red Cross displayed on their chests.   I decided that the force would look better with off white padded amour for the sergeants but included black shields and some black clothing items to help tie everything together and add a nod to their historical counterparts.

(First Unit of Warriors)

(Second Unit of Warriors)

(Third Unit of Warriors)

As for playing them on the table I have had quite a few games so far of varying success.  They are a powerful melee force if they can build up 3 points of piety (the mechanism that's used to increase their effectiveness on the table.)   The army has some weaknesses though.  The brothers are vulnerable to bows and especially crossbows and they dislike being in terrain.  The sergeants are there to slog it out in terrain and you have the option of taking crossbows (I'm working on three units of them at the moment) to help with the ranged guys.

(The first three Units of Warriors all finished)

What I'm really loving about Saga is that is so easy to collect and paint up a force for it that I'm totally hooked.  There are many saga boards that have been created by fans that have been placed up on the Saga forums for people to try and some that have captured my imagination or the Japanese Samurai period.  So I've ordered so I've orders some Wargames factory Samurai to have a go at using these board's  - they will also work well for legends of the rising sun or Ronin so I figure my money won't be wasted.

- Here are some progress pics of the cavalry that i snapped off during the painting process.

(Three Units of Brothers all together in one big 12 man unit)

Anyways that enough out of me for now.  Let me know what you think of the Templar's.  I'll add photos of the crossbow sergeants when they are done (hopefully about a week).

- Here are a front and back pic of my lord.

I'll leave you with a final picture of the completed 6 point force.

(6 Points of Templar Goodness!!)