February 04, 2015

More Infinity Painting

So a few quick pics, Its late and im tired so this is a very basic post.
Im still trying to find a good style for painting infinity figures. Slightly over highlighted edges seems to work ok so i may stick with this for a while and see how things go. 

More pics and some thoughts about the figures in the next post.

February 02, 2015

X-wing game and Infinity painting

So im been a tad quiet over the last couple of weeks, the lads have been busy and the weather has been awesome so ive spent a fair bit of time at the beach (when not working of course!)


Yesterday though Rob and Will were free so we busted out some games of x-wing.

I took a very small 100 point list.

Really i just wanted to rock out my Tie-Defender. i just love this model.  Rob wanted to rock out his transport so this would be an interesting game as he got 125 points to defend with whilst i would have six mines which i could use one of each turn to inflict some sort of damage on Robs force.

I went with a really simple split deployment. My Tie Defender  had the swarm tactics upgrade so i kept one Tie Interceptor (the one with the shield upgrade on the right with a single interceptor on the left hand side.

Our forces collided very quickly, although x-wings are good Tie interceptors and the defender are faster and more  maneuverable and with 2 ships with a higher combat speed Rob was in trouble. Rather than attacking the x-wings i concentrated all my firepower on the transport because if it died Rob would lose.

 One thing that was apparent is that the big ship got in the way of maneuvering and both Rob and myself had issues and ended up bumping into the Transport. however whilst the Defender just seamed to bounce off and keep ticking one of the x-wings was unlucky.

The Tie interceptors are so quick their best tactics remind me of how WW2 German pilots used the ME-262 - long strafing runs past a bomber and then away before any response could be made.

The last turn of the game was interesting in that Rob finally managed to gang up and destroy my interceptor - 4 hits one being a critical and i got zero successes with my defense roll.

Thankfully mt Defender and the other Interceptor nailed the transport with 6 Hits and finished it off spectacularly!

Overall a great game and much was learnt on both sides. Im looking forward to using the defender again.

INFINITY Version 3

So version 3 of Infinity is out (or N3 as its now being called). This has rekindled my interest in the game and after looking through the new rule book i have to say that all the changes have been for the better and the game feels better. I've been looking at models that i have owner for a long time but having got around to assembling and painting.

So today's Infinity figure is the Morat Raicho T.A.G. This thing is a beast and looks really impressive on the table. i need to do a little more work on the base i think but its fine for gaming at the moment.


Tomorrow ill have some pics of the Authorized Bounty Hunter model that came with the N3 Book.