April 25, 2010


Anyone who knows me could tell you that im a fan of the carthaginians. Maybe its the ecleptic nature of how they look with their masses of mercenary troops from all over Lybia, Numidia, Iberia, Gaul and of course once Hannibal crossed the alps Italian states that wanted to rise against Rome. I've always been fasinated by Hannibal and his actions leading up to and durring the 2nd Punic War, i decided it was about time i recreated one of his early armies.

To this end i brought an 800 pt army for Field of Glory roughly a year ago from Old Glory 15's. I was all enthused, brought all the bases i would need from Gale Force Nine and got everything ready to paint and then got so busy with work and family stuff they went in a box and i didnt see them again till little over a month ago.  When i dug them up i seriously thought i would get two battle groups done and then that would be it - however ive stuck to the task and have almost compleated the whole 800 pts.

To go along with the pictures intend to post in the next couple of weeks i wanted to put down some history for each of the units im using.  I find it helps me learn about my army and gives some life to little pieces of lead.
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