August 20, 2010

Change is in the Air!!

Well ive been pretty quiet over the last week and this is mainly due to a massive work load brought about by taking on too many contracts at once - silly me, (you think after all these years id learn!)

Anyways ive also just got a new job - Yay :)  After working in sales and customer service for Battlefront Miniatures for the last 6 odd years i finally have managed to get myself a job as part of the studio team and will be taking on the Hobby Support Manager role.  This basically means ill be making all the scenery that will be used in photo shoots for books and web material - exciting stuff, i finally get to be creative.

I have a pile of Warmachine and Hordes Projects on the go at the moment as well - hopefully this weekend i will get a chance to take a few photos.
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