December 18, 2010

Flames of war EW Game

Just had a great game of EW Flames of War with my mate Mark. Mark Took a nice swanky new French tank force (so new, it was shiny metal without guns Smile) up against my German Czech tank company. 
We played Cauldron – a mission which i know a lot of people don't like. Personally i think its a good mission (although i will admit as the defender it was hard going for me).
Was a fairly bloody game with me losing most of force but only ending up losing one platoon in total.  Mark faired worse as i managed to destroy 3 of his platoons. Unfortunately attrition meant that i didnt have enough tanks left on the table to defend both objectives and Mark managed to take one of the objectives from me in his turn 9 with the game ending in a 4:3. The way i see it if you have to lose a 4:3 is the way to go so I'm not too upset by the loss.  Both of us had up and down luck in the game (i think i need to pray a bit harder to the dice gods because in the first 3 turns of the game i was rolling a truckload of 1’s and 2’s).
Overall great fun and looking forward to our next EW encounter.
- Sorry there are no pics, was too caught up in the game and forgot to take any shots.
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