April 16, 2011

More VIETNAM goodness

The Flames of War Vietnam releases keep coming and that means i get to show off more of the painting work I've been doing for Battlefront Miniatures over the last 6 months.

M113 APC (VBX06)
The M113 APC (armoured personnel carrier) was developed to fill the same role as the WWII M3 half-track carrying infantry up to the edge of the battlefield safe from artillery and longrange fire. In Vietnam the mechanised infantry battalions used their M113 ‘tracks’ much more aggressively.
M113 APC (VBX06)...

M132 'Zippo' (VBX08)
The M132 was an M113 APC modified into a mobile flame thrower. The cupola was replaced with the M10-8 flame gun and the passenger compartment was taken up by four 50 gallon (190 litre) spherical flame fuel tanks.
M132 'Zippo' (VBX08)...

PAVN Infantry Battalion HQ (VBX12)
The basic unit of the PAVN is an infantry battalion called a Tiểu Đoàn Bộ Binh (pronounced tee-eh-oo daw-an boh bin), or just a Tiểu Đoàn, a battalion. The battalion commander is a Thiếu Tá or Major, but is usually referred to in typical revolutionary fashion as a D Trưởng or D Leader (after the code for a battalion, ‘D’).
PAVN Infantry Battalion HQ (VBX12)...

PAVN Infantry Company (VBX13)
The bộ đội, foot soldiers, are the core of the infantry companies. As the troops of B3 Front are some of the best in the PAVN, they have an almost equal mix of the newer AK47 assault rifles and older SKS carbines. The squad automatic weapon is the RPD machine-gun, a modernised, belt-fed version of the WWII-era DP ‘record player’ machine-gun. Each squad also contains a B40 rocket launcher, a Chinese copy of the Soviet RPG-2.
PAVN Infantry Company (VBX13)...

PAVN Weapons Companies (VBX14)
The PAVN weapons companies were equipped with an array of different armaments for a diverse number of roles. Much of the equipment was Chinese copies of either Soviet weapons or American equipment that was captured during the conflict in Korea.
PAVN Weapons Companies (VBX14)...

That's it for now, next up should be the Sheridan's and the Patton's.
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