May 27, 2011

Rasputina and Crew - WIP

I was so jazzed by my new Malifaux models that i just got that i had to get started on them asap. Here is Rasputina and her crew of a Hoarcat Pride, 3x Ice Gamins and of course my fav - the Ice Golem. I liked him so much i was painting till almost midnight to get him half done.

20 odd layers of Washes and multiple levels of highlights. He just needs his eyes brought to life a little and some snow on his base and he will be done.

As you can see Ive almost compleated the Hoarcat Pride and the Ice Gamins.

You may have also noticed that the quality of my pictures has improved somewhat overnight. This is because i finally got off my arse and set up my proper digital camera and light Box. Hopefully everyone likes the change.
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