July 17, 2011

New painting work on the FOW web site.

A few new releases on the FOW Website this week that I painted.

All-Terrain Towed 105mm Artillery Battery (FRX05)
Of more advanced design than the 75mm mle 1897, but fewer in number, was the excellent little Bourges 105mm Court mle 1935. It too had a relatively high rate of fire and was designed with a split trail that splayed the guns’ wheels outwards to provide additional protection for its crew.

All-Terrain Towed 105mm Artillery Battery (FRX05)...


Lorraine 38L Armoured Carrier (FR201)
A peleton de châsseurs portés (light mechanised cavalry platoon) is composed of well-trained, well-equipped and well-armed troops with twice the number of light machine-guns as normal infantry. More importantly each squad of châsseurs is carried to battle in a Lorraine VBCP (Voiture Blindé de Châsseurs Portés) 38L.

Lorraine 38L Armoured Carrier (FR201)...

Heavy Artillery Battery (GBX46)
The specifications of what would become the s10cm K18 howitzer were given to both Krupp and Rheinmetall for developed during the 1920s. Adapted for service in 1933-34, the s10cm K18 was actually an amalgamation of the Krupp designed carriage and the Rhienmetall designed gun.

Heavy Artillery Battery (GBX46)...

10cm FK30(t) Howitzer (GE569)
The SS Totenkopf Division, the SS ‘Deaths Head’ Division, was equipped with captured Czech weapons rather than German guns. It had a battalion of 8cm FK30(t) field guns and two of 10cm leFH30(t) in place of the normal 10.5cm leFH18 battalions.

10cm FK30(t) Howitzer (GE569)...

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