September 17, 2011

Battletech game in progress

Got a few of us playing Battletech today. Rob, Byran and Kevin playing as house Marik and Arthur, Lee and myself as House Kurita.

The sides as they stand:

House Marik
Rob - Quickdraw and a Commando.
Byran - Grand Dragon and a Whitworth.
Kevin - Catapult and a grasshopper.

House Kurita
Me - Burke tanks x3. (Being represended by some panzer 2's till my proper models arrive in the post next week)
Arthur - Battlemaster and a crusader.
Lee - Grand Dragon.

So far only one casuality has been caused and that was Robs unlucky Commando taking 3 PPC hits from one of my Burkes. 2 onto his left torso which had already been damaged, the shots tore appart the armour and set off his SRM ammo which exploded and blew him to pieces.

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