January 15, 2012

Thieves, thieves, Filthy little thieves!

"They stole it from us."

Woke up this morning to find that my car had been broken into! Dirty buggers had taken some CD's my Work Bag and my FM tuner for my Phone/Car Stereo.
I found out my car had been broken into by being woken to the sound of my home phone ringing. A lovely lady had found my bag discarded in a nearby park and had got my details off my Drivers Licence. I Just got my bag back and the thieves have rummaged through my bag not touched my wallet - odd!, but took my paint bush set my painkillers and depression medication which i always keep in my bag encase i need them - odder! And to add insult to injury they poured water (god i hope it was water!!) all throughout my bag destroying a couple of books. (One being a nice new work one I cant name but lets just say im totally gutted!)

Awesome way to start a Sunday. Hope everyone's weekend is going better than mine.
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