February 23, 2012


Bushido Overview

Temple of Ro-Kan
'Temple of Ro-Kan Faction Symbol'

  Bushido is a game of savage battles, of cunning stratagems and last-ditch defences, and where debts of honour are paid in blood. In Bushido, the fate of the world hangs not on armies but on individual heroes, men and women of extraordinary capacity, attuned to the all-permeating life force known as Ki. This force is the very fabric of the universe, and those with the appropriate training or natural talent can tap into this energy source and gain seemingly superhuman powers. In the world of Bushido, the delicate tapestry of Ki – and thus the universe itself –is threatened by the forces of imbalance, and it is up to you to protect it – or help rip it apart. In a game of Bushido, nothing less than the universe itself is at stake. Are you ready for the challenge of the Way of the Warrior?
Bushido is an oriental fantasy tabletop miniature battle game for two players. Each player commands a force of no more than a handful of individuals, represented by 32mm metal miniatures. These forces meet on the battlefield and the commanders (the players, that is) try to outwit, outfight and outlive the opposing force and fulfil their battle objectives while denying the enemy theirs. If you have played tabletop miniature games before, Bushido falls into the ‘skirmish game’ category: all miniatures represent individuals and your force consists of a small group of unique characters rather than a big faceless army. A game of Bushido is fast-moving, flexible and filled with strategizing, counter-strategizing and counter-counter-strategizing. Your tactical acumen is important, but as dice add an element of randomness, so too is your ability to think on your feet. A typical game of Bushido takes between one and two hours to play – more if you are new to the game, less if you are a seasoned veteran.
- Once I read this on the GCT Studios website and looked at the miniatures in the gallery I knew I would be buying some of them to paint before long. Well that was about 3 months back now and due to a seriously busy work load ive only just managed to start painting them. below I present the Gorilla.  He's part of the Temple of Ro-Kan faction.
To my horror I see that the varnish i used has left some spotting on the front of the miniature which ill have to clean up before I use him on the table. Im too lazy to try and retake the photo so you will have to see what the skin blending was meant to look like in the other three photos.

Love to here what you all think. 

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