August 23, 2012

Back 2 Base - IX Brushes review

A few months back i reviewed a new painting station that i got from Back 2 Base IX - today i thought id do a review on the brushes that they produce.  (Please note ive used pictures from the Back 2 Base ix website rather than taken pictures of my own brushes purely to save time)

In my line of work i go through a lot of brushes and over the last 20 odd years I have used many different brands of brushes. Generally speaking you get what you pay for. Once in a while though you do get surprised and the brushes from back to base ix fall into that category. For their price i find them an excellent brush with some interesting and useful differences from your standard hobby paint brush.  Firstly they have a design which I can only compare to a woman compact make up brush that ive seen my wife use. The Brush it'self comes in two sections and when not in use the brush section screws into the handle section protecting the bristles from damage. There is a small hole in end of the handle to allow any trapped moisture to easily evaporate.  This ability to put away the brush makes transporting your brushes a breeze and since the handle sections are made from Aluminium they are extremely durable.

The bristles are made from pure Kolinsky hair and after 2 months of solid use im very happy to say they have survived wonderfully. (As a side not i always use brush soap ans Vallejo Brush Cleaner and Brusher restorer and this not doubt has helped prolong their life but at roughly 40 hours a week of painting these brushes are still in great condition and look set to stay that way for a long time to come.)

There are various common sizes available that should cover most if not all of your painting needs (even painting 10mm-15mm miniatures ive never needed anything smaller than a 000 brush).

At AU $9.95 per brush this puts them into the realms of the GW brush price bracket but the quality of both the design and the bristles themselves is superior I can highly recommend them.




Rodger said...

Great review, very helpful.

TamsinP said...

Very useful review - thanks. Do they also do synthetic-bristle brushes?

Vulnero said...

So it's been a while... do you still like these brushes?