January 27, 2014

Weekend painting

This weekend for the first time in a long while the lads weren't available for gaming – Rob, Will and lee are off at a Air show which i could afford to go to this time.  So with it being a long weekend i decided id use the time for some hobby stuff and starting painting a couple more LOTR units that I've owned since they first come out but still never managed to get around to painting them. 
The plastic knights of Minis Tirith are excellent figures – just really nice cav models.

The clansmen of Lamedon are just really nice figures, a whole force of them would look great on the table!  

These are by far not my best paint jobs but just at the moment I'm enjoying just finishing miniatures that have been sitting in my draws unassembled and unpainted and getting them out on the table. hopefully in a few weeks time i can convince the lads to play a few games of LOTR with me.
Once again sorry about the crappy photos.  If you want to see better photos let me know and ill see what i can do.

Cheers till next time.

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