March 21, 2014

Zombie Dragon

So it all started when i saw this picture about a year ago (maybe longer)

When the reaper bones kickstarter was announced I watched but never backed it. Too much money for models I wasn't going to use. But the dragons - oh my!!!  This picture made me almost spend my money. So fast forward to about 3 weeks back when I started my undead army.  I was thinking about what my big center piece for the army could be and the first 2 things that came to mind was a zombie dragon or a zombie giant.  I remembered that zombie dragon from the kickstarter,  and by pure luck I saw one for sale on trademe. $45 sold!!!!  It turned up last night so I set to work assembling it and green stuffing all the joints.

It truly is an awesome model to behold. I have one of my skeletons in the pictures for size reference.

The plastic that reaper used for their bones project is interesting to say the least.  It has rather bendy properties like rubber but mould lines clean up almost like hard plastic.  You can heat the material under hot water and can reposition parts.  It really is a very interesting material.

  I'm not sure what I'm going to do for the base at this stage but I need to keep it small to make sure it can be used in games easily.

Here it is undercoated.  I used a Vallejo airbrush primer for the base coat as I had seen on reviews online the the reaper bones plastic didn't like spay undercoat from a can. Unwilling to take a chance ruining this monster I used the slower method but the result is nice and smooth so it was worth it.

Hopefully I'll get some paint on the model by the weekends end but as its Equinox 2014 tomorrow I doubt I'll get much done as I'm going to be attending to play some games of Kings of War.

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