August 24, 2014

WW2 French Buildings and Warrior Monks.

So ive had a few days off and decided to do some extra work on my sarissa precision buildings.  Not a lot to say really so here are some pics.

2014-08-23 18.15.582014-08-23 18.17.472014-08-23 18.17.542014-08-23 18.18.032014-08-23 18.21.392014-08-23 18.22.10

Will be good to see them on the table in a game later today.


The warrior monks near completion. I just need some proper bases for them and then i will finish off the last few details and we will be ready for some Legends of the Rising Sun trial games.

2014-08-24 12.59.49


Also I've had word that my Hail Caesar rulebook and my Vitrix Romans have shipped so i will do some reviews in the near future.

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Will Mays said...

They look good Mark. It's a pleasure to play on a table with them. I better get my own stuff painted! :)