January 11, 2016

VT-49 Decimator repaint for X-wing miniatures game

Hi Everyone,

So last week i repainted my Decimator miniature for the X-wing miniatures game by Fantasy Flight Games.

Here is a picture of the original off the FFG website - the one i got out of my box was even more simple than this (basically grey with a black ink wash):

Image result for VT-49 Decimator
Boring!!!!! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....
Now as you can see from the pic above, straight out of the box its a very basic paint job and not very inspiring. Now ive owned this model since it first came out but only just used it for the first time a week ago and think i want to use it more so it definitely needed some brush love!

I sprayed it black and then went to town with a series of different grey's on random panels to break up the monotone nature of the basic model and then added a couple of stripes of red to add a little colour as well as adding a few coloured lights. i finished it off with a basic blue glow out the engine (not my best effort but it will do for now).  As a last minute thing i decided to damage up some of the paint job to make it look like it had seen a little action - in the miniature game this thing is a flying brick and cant avoid anything (Agility 0!!!!!) so i think a little damage is appropriate.

What do you think? Better? Worse? What would you have done to make it look better? Keen to hear all your thoughts as i may end up doing another one up in a different scheme. (Two of these in a 100 point game would be nasty!).

That's it for today, catch ya next time,


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