March 13, 2017

First games of Hail Caesar

So on Saturday I finally got to play my first game of Hail Caesar ever though I've had the rules and figures since the rules first came out!

I played 2 games.

The first was against Rob and his Greeks. It was a nail bighter till the very last dice throw. The phalanx rule is just nasty. I keep winning the fights but only by 1 or 2 points which ment everything kept ending in ties.

Game 2 was against Cavins Samurais. This was a very interesting game as almost every unit in his army could shoot bows at long range as well as still put up a good fight. Unfortunately for Cavin I got across the board very fast with triple moves for both my divisions. This meant he got one turn of shooting before I charged him in the second turn. Although he put up a bit of a fight the Romans are certainly tougher than the Samurai in a stand up fight. The dice averaged out and the Romans came out in top by the end of turn 3.

Both very fun games and I can't wait till the next game. Meanwhile I managed to assemble more Itallian allies.   

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