June 02, 2011

Totally bummed out

I was hoping to have a post of some nice new finished Heavy Gears but alas fate has been cruel - my lovely dog Max has a stupidly big powerful tail and in a fit of dog inspired madness decided it would be fun to jump up and spin around knocking afore mentioned Heavy Gear models onto the floor. (Insert extremely sad face here).

Ive started to reassemble the pieces so as long as nothing is missing or too badly chipped the pics might happen by the weekend.

For something a little different ive decided to do a poll in the left hand corner of this blog. id love to know what everones favorite tabletop wargame is at the moment. Ive listed what i consider the most popular few but ive put in an option for those who like something else. Feel free to comment on this and let me know what you play and why its your favorite.  if this proves popular enough (ie someone bothers to try it) then i might make polls a regular thing on the blog.
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