October 30, 2012

Latest FOW Painting work for Battlefront.

Lots of German winter goodness released this week that i painted for Battlefront.  White on White urggg not my favorite. (Especially when they are blown up to much larger than actual size...)

The big release is the Volksgrenadier Company which has a Sturm and Schutzen platoon in the box..

 GBX72 Volksgrenadier Company (GBX72)

Volksgrenadier Company (GBX72)

Volksgrenadier Company (GBX72)

Volksgrenadier Sturm Platoon

Volksgrenadier Company (GBX72)

Volksgrenadier Schützen Platoon

Volksgrenadier Company (GBX72)

next up a couple of blister packs.

HMG Platoon (Winter) (GE844)

GE844 HMG Platoon (Winter)

Mortar Platoon (Winter) (GE845)

GE845 Mortar Platoon (Winter)

Pioneer Platoon (Winter) (GE847)

Pioneer Platoon (Winter) (GE847)

So there you have it, roughly 3 weeks worth of painting in one hit.

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