October 20, 2012

ROME 2 Total War

Im a huge fan of the total war series of computer games as soon as Shogun 2 was announced I knew they would do a second Rome total war game.  I waited and waited and after 2 years the announced Rome 2.

Its still a long way off (Quarter 2 of 2013- so somewhere between May and July 2013) but by god is it starting to shape up nicely as far as graphics and game play go!

This video was just released on Total War Centre - if your a fan of total war you will have been there before if not check it out its full of information and mods to enhance and expand the total war games.

This game play video has quite simply blown my mind! Honestly if they released it now in its pre alpha state id still buy it and play it with whatever flaws it must still have... Roll on the middle of next year where all my miniatures painting will stop and my computer gaming hat will be firmly in place.

This then there is the x-wing miniatures game, Zombiecide, Spartacus and the new 6th edition 40k to keep me occupied but i think ill be watching this video once or twice a week and dreaming right up till the games release. :)

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