October 09, 2014

Blogging at the beach.

I'm currently on holiday and decided that it was too nice a day to stay at home so i decided that i would drive out to a local beach.  Nothing like a nice day at the beach where its not too hot and no one is around and you get to just sit back and enjoy nature.  It also gave me a change to take the new car out for a bit of a decent spin after having a fairly serious 100,000km service which resulted in 6 new platinum tipped spark plugs and a fuel injection flush out (along with all the normal servicing like changing the oil etc.)    

The Nissan 350z in all its glory in my driveway.


Awesome day at the beach and no people around. just the sound of the birds and the sea. pity the water was out but you cant have everything.  Plus as its only just spring so the water is still a bit cold for a swim.

So what have i been working on over my break. Well ive done more work on my Republican Romans and almost have 2 units of 16 finished.  Over the last two days though i finished of my Warrior Monks.   

Will was nice enough to give me the plastic bases from his Bolt Action figures which he had decided not to use as he had done all his figs with wooden bases.  This was great news for me as i really like the 25mm round plastic bases that Bolt Action uses.

So whats next - well last night Paul came over and gave me a game of SAGA.  I have borrowed Wills copy of Crescent and the Cross and decided to run a militant orders list.  After playing the game i decided that i had to paint some figures up (and order another rules set) :-)  So ive ordered a box of mounted sergeants and foot sergeants from Fireforge games. I'll do up a review once i get the figures.

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