October 02, 2014

Mid Republican Romans W.I.P

So its been a while since I’ve got around to posting. Works been full on and i went and brought a new car and lost all interest in painting for the last few weeks. I was getting a bit worried that my painting mojo was gone but now I’m on holiday for 2 weeks the painting mojo seems to have returned.

So many more to go but happy with the result.  I cant add the shields until I buy some transfers and decide exactly how i will finish them. More pics to follow as i get more work done.

Keen for feedback on these so let me know what you think.  I spent ages trying to decide on what colour to do the clothing. Still not sure i should have done Red. I personally think White was more likely to be what they were historically wearing in the 3rd century B.C but red just looks good.


Minitrol said...

I think they look great buuuuuut not too sure on the models are they massive they seem really tall? Also not keen on the chainmail sculpting.

I totally agree red just looks better.

Are they going to be "parade ground" or "in the field"?

The Kiwi said...

They look excellent.