October 18, 2015

Ive started a new blog

I've decided to split my hobbies into separate blogs to keep them more themed and focused so that people can easier find what they are after and so i can concentrate on delivering better content.

This blog will stay active as my main site and will get posts to it every time i update one of the other blogs.

My fist separate blog is: THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR IN MINIATURE and obviously will concentrate on all my hobbying the American Civil War.

I'll post more updates as i go but for the moment there is one post with a picture of my first test base for my confederates.

So if your a fan of war gaming the American Civil War  head on over and check it out and sign up to get automatic updates (as ACW is my main focus at the moment this one is going to receive a bit of attention over the next month.)

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