October 04, 2015

Whats been happening

Well its been a rough few weeks for me. About 6 weeks back i had a small accident and thought id torn a hamstring. Turned out 4 weeks later that ive got a prolapsed disk (basically a trapped nerve in my back which makes it hard to walk, sit, drive you name it, it hurts and makes things difficult.  So ive been off work for three weeks now and still looking at at least 2 more before i can see a spinal surgeon to see what can be done to get me up and moving properly again.

Now with all this enforced time off you would think id be busting out the paint brushes and painting up a storm but unfortunately this hasn't been the case. if i sit for too long (even in my awesome gaming/painting chair) i cant get much done before im forced to lie down.  Pretty much a crappy situation.  I have achieved a little but just small simple projects.

I'm working on a Mad Max - fury road miniatures game (basically just something to keep my mind active since i can type from my tablet when im lying down.) I always loved the old mad max films and the new movie and computer game have given me lots of inspiration. once i have it in a playable format i'll post it up as i'd love to have some people playtest it and let me know what they think.  For the moment im basing it around cheap and easily obtainable matchbox toys but my ultimate goal will be to do it in 28mm scale (this will mean building all the vehicles from scratch im guessing)

For the moment im posting my projects on my facebook page. If you want to see what im working on go to facebook and look up "Kiwicolour Studio" and join my page.  I think this link will take you to it https://www.facebook.com/Kiwicolour-Studio-1622381111345760/timeline/

here's a few quick snaps of my war rig im working on:

Changing over the road wheels to off road tires.

The wheels attached and some small changes to the body.

A rear weapon of some kind, either a smoke dispenser or a oil slick dispenser.

A couple of in progress shots of the extra armour and ram along with some boarding spikes to dissuade people trying to jump onto the vehicle.

More shots will be going up on my facebook page so pop along and have a look.

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