February 09, 2016

Camera Practice

(Apologies to anyone not interested in Cameras or Pictures - just skip this post, the next one will have finished miniatures i promise.)  

So with my leg improving i took a trip way out west to visit Rob at his house.  Rob lives near Muriwai beach and a surfing area called Maori Bay where there is a Gannet colony.  Will had suggested this would be a great place for me to get in some practice with my big Tamron 150-600 lens.

1/160 sec at f /8.0, ISO 200 @ 213mm.
I had an awesome day getting out and about hanging with the lads and getting in several solid hours of practice were i took almost a thousand photos.

1/320 sec at f /8.0, ISO 200 @ 193mm.

1/400 sec at f /8.0, ISO 200 @ 483mm.

At 1/800 the Tamron gets smooth shots and ill definitely put in some more practice with that setting. But i think it did ok at the lower speeds as well.

1/800 sec at f /8.0, ISO 200 @ 483mm.
Now i know i looked like a total newbie as i was getting the hang of a new strap, new camera and a new heavy lens. I was also dressed in jeans and a long sleeve shirt as id got super burnt the day before - so on a 26+ degree day i was overdressed and super hot. (Will posted a couple of pics of me on his blog - the cheeky bugger!!  (Will's Blog)  

1/800 sec at f /8.0, ISO 200 @ 256mm.

1/500 sec at f /8.0, ISO 200 @ 158mm.

There were a few surfers out and about as well. i decided to muck around with some black and white effects on these.

1/1000 sec at f /8.0, ISO 200 @ 600mm.

1/1000 sec at f /8.0, ISO 200 @ 500mm.
Considering the distance of these im pretty happy with them but some more practice is needed to get some really good surfer shots like the ones Rob got - (Robs Blog).

I was pretty happy with this one:

So there you go a beginners attempt at some photos of some fast moving and not so fast moving stuff.  I've got a long way to go but im enjoying the learning process.


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