February 01, 2016

Something a little different

After the cat destroying some of my latest work i decided my next post should be something of a happier note.

Last week a sold a couple of Field of Glory armies i had painted and this allowed me to purchase something ive been wanting since i got my new camera - a bit shiny zoom lens for shooting pictures of birds and planes etc will the lads.  Most of them have far nicer gear than i can afford but i got the best i could afford (at least for now) A Tamron 150mm-600mm lens.

Image result for tamron 150-600mm

Now Rob came over today and we had planned to play a game of Battletech but its been over a year since we played so we played out a few turns and got our heads around the rules again and talked about a lot of stuff and since i have been trapped inside the house for 5 months Rob took me down to the local airfield to try out my new toy.  We weren't out too long as the sun was blistering at around 31 degrees! My leg held up pretty good and although a bit sore i managed ok and really enjoyed being in the sun. We started off taking shots of some planes but most of what i took was rubbish as i had no idea what i was doing. 


We saw some Blow carts over the far side of the airfield so drove around the other side to see what sort of shots we could get. Here's a few of the ones i was happy with.

These things seriously look like a load of fun and you can rent them for like $20 for a 10-20 minute go. (once my leg is better i know what im going to try!!) :)

Great hour out and about and so good for the soul to clear the head and get some fresh air.

Looking forward to giving it another go soon.

I can see that im going to have to do another blog for my Photography stuff so it doesn't clog up this blog. Once ive put together a new blog ill put up a ling for anyone who wants to watch my trials at a new hobby.


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