October 19, 2011

Dark Menoth Project

 Ever since i first went through the Menoth background and looked at their models i knew that they cried out for a Dark Knight look. Not evil but just not pure looking, Something like a Death Knight from World of Warcraft, or a Knight of Solimina from Dragonlance . For months now ive been thinking about a scheme that would work. The first thing i did was scour the internet looking to see what others have done - there are lots of good ideas out there and i didnt want to copy anyone elses.

In the end i was inspired by a coulple of old school GW Chaos Space marine themes blended together. (at least thats the idea)

The overall concept is a extreme dark blue (almost black) armour with brass edging and metal rivets and spikes. Any cloth is black with grey highlights. The eyes and any venting lighting ect is to be glowing bright blue. (in the pic you may see some red as i tried that first for the eyes but it made them look evil.)

I have no idea on a basing scheme (any ideas greatly appreciated). I know the Menoth come from a desert area but im not sure desert basing will look very good with the all blue/black scheme.

Anyways onto the picture. There is a heap of work to go on them but i think the basic idea is starting to come through. keen to know what everyone thinks.

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