October 15, 2011

School holidays = a week of hobby fun

Its the second week of the holidays and that means i get to do my Dad duty and take a week off to look after my girls. Whilst my eldest is 13 and able to look after herself my youngest is only 9 and needs an eye kept on her from time to time to keep her out of trouble. This  means that although i need to be home i actually get a reasonble amount of time to spend on my hobbies amongst watching DVD's and playing games with the girls.

My plan is to devote one day to each of the game systems i am working on and hopfully by the end of the week i will have compleated a couple of projects that have been crying out to be finished.

Here is my basic breakdown:

Day 1 Warmachine - 25pt Menoth starter force (undercoated)
Day 2 Legends of the old west - 10 Mexican outlaws (half compleate)
Day 3 Battletech - 2 Mechs and 3 Burke tanks (half compleate)
Day 4 Gladiators - 8 various Gladiators (almost finished), do more work on the Arena im constructing.
Day 5 Legends of the high seas - Work on my chinese junk (project unstarted)

Every day i will post something new showing my progress - hopefully this will encourace me to finish some of these projects.
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