October 18, 2011

No battle plan survives first contact

well my plan was good get something finished every day of the school holidays. seamed simple enough. Unfortunatly things havent worked out as i wanted them to so far. The girls decided that they wnted me to watch DVD's and play Lord of the rings with them. below is a few pics from one of our games. Uruk-Hai crushing their way over top of some poor men of Minis tirith desperatly trying to hold a bridge and old garrison tower. As you can probally tell from the photos it went badly for the Humans.


Rob said...

Nice one,

Scott said...

Excellent, good to hear girls getting involved! I have to hope my young daughter embraces things after she sees The Hobbit!
That Isengard troll is a real handful for good forces to deal with when there isnt a helpful wizard nearby to 'Immobilise' it!