June 23, 2012

Back to Base-ix

Hi Guys

Last time i posted about my man cave re-organisation at the end of that post i had commented on needing a paint rack solution. Well ive found it (Actually I found it minutes after typing that Blog post the other week.)  Back to Base-ix is an Australian company located in Adelaide and makes a wide variety of war-gaming aids and modelling materials - the coolest items they make in my opinion are the paint racks and draws for keeping your painting area neat and tidy - just what I was looking for.

Now to the actual product I ordered two of the Paint rack straight section - large.  There are a couple of different options - the racks are available in MDF or Acrylic. You also have the option of having the holes cut to fit different popular paint ranges:

Bottle quantities held:
  • GW 2012, GW Hexagon (new), GW Hexagon (old), Lifecolor: 43 Pots
  • Foundry, Coat D'Arms, GW Round , P3 : 45 Pots
  • Vallejo: 53 Pots

the two racks combined hold all my paints with a few holes left over. The racks come with some nice features which for the price i wasn't expecting:

  • Stainless Steel Nuts, Bolts & Washers for Assembly
  • Silicone Rubber Feet for a non slip unit
  • Rare Earth Magnets and locators to allow each modular unit to join to the next.
  • Easy to follow DVD Assembly Instructions
They came nicely wrapped as you can see below:

The DVD was interesting - it actually shows you how to build all of the different racks and draws available which gives you a nice overview of how all the products go together.  I had hoped the DVD would have voice instructions but instead it has text prompts appearing at different points in the video. As a soundtrack it has a fairly easy listening tune in the background that i must confess drove me a little mad by the end of watching the whole DVD - easily solved by pressing mute :)  

The Construction of the racks are so easy i imagine most people wont need to watch the DVD. Since my computer is right next to my work area i just had it running in the background.

As you can see the finished product is attractive and of course most importantly highly functional. I like the fact that the Vallejo paints can be stored both standing upright or upside down.

my newly set up workspace - what do you think? Im going to get a set of the draws next pay to clean up the area off to the left.

Aaron (the man behind the great ideas and owner of the business is a really nice friendly guy and was happy to answer questions i had about future ideas and listened to my suggestions and feedback). He's very easy to get hold of as Back to Base-ix has a Facebook page so you can send him a message and have a chat.

Im giving this product a big thumbs up. Its well priced and with lots of options available there is a solution for everyone's painting workspaces. I highly recommend you check the website out.


Rodger said...

That is really cool. The only problem that I can see is that your painting area is far too tidy!

KingDanNZ said...

Nice I was going to get one to I think you may have just sold me on it!

Angus McNicholl said...

That is exactly the solution I need for all my paints. Thanks for sharing.

Spiro said...

Very nice. I had a quick browse of their site, and at first I thought "why wouldn't I just buy some drawers from the Warehouse and divide them up?" but the modular stuff really tweaks my tozzle. And the different colours..

And their smoke/barrage templates are awesome.

The Colour Kiwi said...

Looks like you guys approve. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, based on your review, I ordered the Master Pant Rack (since it's free shipping to the USA). I can't wait. Thank you for your review!!

Long Island Gamer