June 16, 2012

Man cave upgrade

My gosh 2 posts in as many days!!!

Today i was forced to go spend stupid amounts of cash at the dentist. This (as you can imagine) left me feeling a little blue..

 To counter this I decided i was going to do something to cheer myself up so I decided it was high time I improved my man cave. Considering its my fortress of solitude from the wife and kids and also where me and the lads play games I figured it was well worth any money spent in improvements. After having a few minutes think i realised all I really need to improve was my painting area. Being a professional miniature painter you would think i have a great set-up but the truth is I do 90% of my painting at Battlefront HQ so i haven't really needed anything special. The picture below shows what my painting area looked like this morning. I think you have to admit its pretty small and cramped. (And almost never that tidy!!!)

I had a desk on the other side of my garage that i kept my gaming rig on and had been thinking for a while that the space could be much better used if i moved it around did some tidying up and put a large sheet of wood on top of the smaller desk to give me more space and allow for both the computer and a nice large area for painting or paperwork (making army lists ect). Several hours later and much cursing and swearing assembling a set of cupboards (my miniature collection had to be placed somewhere!) :)  
This is the end result. The old painting area will now be (Once it's all cleaned up) my Airbrushing area.

The complete set up:

An improvement i think.  Now maybe i can get a bit more painting done at home now i have a much better painting area.  Now all i need is a paint storage solution.

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