June 15, 2012

Greeks, Romans Carthaginians and Gladiators

Hi Everyone

Ive been very quiet as of late with a pile of work on and very little free time blogging has had to come last. But I have been playing some games and doing some modelling. My Field of Glory Kyrenean Greeks are at last finished after at least a year of sitting to the side of the painting table. Ive added several units to both my Carthaginian's and my Romans. The Carthaginian's have received some extra Numidian light horse and Iberian light horse as well as another legionary unit for the Romans. Ive also added a new game to my bookshelf - Red Sand, Blue Sky (This Brings us to the Gladiator section in the title) :)

Ive been trying over the past 6 months or more to get into playing games of Warhammer Historical's Gladiator Game as i really like the idea of Gladiator combat. - Unfortunately although kinda fun the first few times you play it quickly becomes a tad boring with very little tactics. None of the gaming group seamed to really enjoy playing it. The campaign rules are ok and the actual book itself is very nice indeed. however i wanted more!!! I wanted to be able to hit someone more than once or twice before they drop dead, I wanted to cut them and make them have to keep fighting as they bleed out.. (yes i know im slightly twisted). I wanted some tactics like having to conserve strength.

Based on the review I read at Delta Vector http://deltavector.blogspot.co.nz/2012/06/red-sand-blue-sky-2hw-gladiator-rules.html and this utube video review http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AqY7eEUA90 i decided to dive in and try the game, whilst not as fast to play as Gladiator i find the combat much more satisfying overall. It has a lot of dice rolling and at most points both the attacker and the defender are rolling dice so no one ever feels like they have to wait.(Something im looking for more and more in games lately). One of the things i liked the most about this game is that it can be played solo (Very useful if no Gaming buddies are to be found).

 I blame my rekindled love of Gladiator action on Spartacus: Vengeance - Season 3 of the Spartacus TV Series.  Although on the surface a B grade blood and guts type affair the story telling is actually not poor and the combat scenes are excellent. Characters interact well with each other and the acting overall is quite good. Undoubtedly not to everyone's tastes but if you haven't watched it yet i suggest you watch a couple of episodes and see what you think.

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