February 02, 2013

2013 and Field of Glory

Well the post title says it all. 2013 is going to be what I will call the year of Field of Glory gaming.

Last Month Slithering released Field of Glory 2.0 in a proper physical book format.  Months earlier (Mid 2012 they had originally announced that the new version would be digital only (and worse yet only on Apple and PC, not Android). Public outcry followed and so they finally realized that they were being silly trying to push a digital only format and at the end of December released a Print on Demand copy of the rules.  My copy of these rules arrived a couple of weeks ago in the post and since then I’ve pumped out 7 games of various sizes and am finally getting the hang of the changes – all of which I’ve decided are the best (Even though 2 of my armies suffered a little due to the changes in the POA rules for better armour rules.

Just lately I’ve been consolidating my model collections and have been selling of some Flames of war armies as well as some War machine and Hordes and other odd bits and pieces.  This isn’t because I don’t like the games (certainly not the case for Flames of war) but I do find myself with far too many models that I just don’t get to use. Rather than having them take up space in figure cases I’ve decided that if I’m not playing at least one game with it every few months it needs to find a new home where it will get used as was intended.  This also clears the way for new armies and projects that I’ve wanted to get and start for several years now.   The projects I’m referring to will be revealed in future posts but the first one is a new FOG army that I’ve had in a box for a whole year now - “Classical Indians”.

- this picture is what inspired my army.

The Classical Indian army is one I’ve always liked the look of and wanted to paint up. I like Elephants and the list allows for lots of them (12 in total).  When my friend Jason went out and brought a Macedonian army I decided it was time to get the Indians as a nice themed army to counter his wall of spiky death.   I was very keen, I placed my order with old glory received it – thought my oh my that’s a lot of bowmen!!! And then got very, very busy with work and as a project it just kept slipping back further and further down the list of things to start working on. (This is sadly something that happens far too often – hence the clean out.)  
Now fast forward to 2 weeks ago on the day of arrival of my copy of FOG 2.0.  Having a read through I discovered two things MF bow got better with their second rank of shooting in Impact and Elephants now have 3 dice each at impact instead of 2.  “Wow” I thought to myself Elephant/Bow armies just got a lot better.  Then I remembered that I had just such army sitting in a box. With work projects finally out of the way I can start working on the force.  Last week I managed to clean up and assemble 12 Elephants and crew and 4 battle groups of bowmen. (it’s obviously much bigger than this but it’s a good amount to start working on.) This week I’ve managed to get paint onto models and have the Elephants in a half finished state and am just starting on the skin for the bowmen. Pictures to follow once I get my camera set up.

Wow no posting for two months and then suddenly a whole page.!!!

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