February 15, 2013

Night before the tournament.

Well that week went by pretty fast (Didn't help i was crook as for a couple of days and didn't manage to go to work or do any terrain modelling.

Still I finished a couple of enclosed fields and a coastline as well as a vineyard so my terrain is looking a lot better. (ill take some pics next week once the tournament is over.  All i have let to do is pack everything away into the car and I'm ready for my 8am start.

I’m charging up my batteries for my camera so hopefully id do some in between games pic taking and do a bit of a write up of the tournament and the event as a whole.

wish me luck (I suspect I'm going to need it) Smile


Caliban said...

Yes, good luck! It would be nice to see photos of the new terrain.

Alphz said...

Glad you're going to make it after a rough week! See you there