February 08, 2013

7 Days and Counting!

Battlecry 2013 is on in 7 days. For those not in the know (and if your not in NZ why would you) is the only competition in the top of the north Island that runs a FOG tournament. I generally find traveling down the line to other comps either too expensive or too hard to organise around work and family. In past years work has also got in the way of me being able to participate at Battlecry but not this year!

Finally the army which i built and painted over a year and a half ago will get to see the light of day on a tournament table. Finally the Kyreanian Greeks will test their Heavy Chariots and Phalanx’s against different types of armies than what they are used to playing.

Battlecry 2013

The event for FOG is small (only 8 players) but is growing and with my help getting some new lads into the game. I'm hoping next year for the comp to be at least 12 players or more which is a good number for a to get.

One of the issues FOG has is that it is a slower game to play. A full 800 point game really needs 3 odd hours to knock out and at least 15-20 minutes for rolling for terrain and set up. (these are important parts of the game and there is a level of strategy involved).  This more than anything else puts people off FOG. However if you give it the time it deserves it is a wonderful game.  It is however not great for a tournament as the number of rounds you can play in a day is limited.  I've been pushing for the tournament to be only 600 points for the last couple of years and i think for BC 2014 Kevin (the FOG event organiser at the South Auckland club) may try it out.  At 600 points you can fit in an extra game in each day and as the points are lower Armies as smaller meaning less painting which makes it easier for newer players to give it a go.  As an owner of 5 800pt forces i can say that much as i love painting them they are a pile of work!.

On Thursday we were sent out the list of who would be playing who in the first round and what armies were in the comp. as you can see I'm up against a Western Han Chinese force. (Should be interesting!!)


I see a few Elephant armies in there – and why not at 3 attack dice on impact they sure do hit harder these days.

For anyone who cares here is my list for the weekend:


now all i have to do is finish up all of my new terrain before next Saturday and I'm set.

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