March 03, 2013

End of a great weekend.

This weekend started off with Saturday being a FOG-tastic day.  Matthew and Christopher came along to our gaming group and joined in our Fun.  We had several games of FOG and a game of wings of war ww2.  Whilst the games we going i worked on cleaning up models for my next army and Garth was cleaning up his new Seleucid figures.  Looks like its going to be a nasty army to face - i'm looking forward to it :)
I didn't end up taking any pics, i was too caught up in the games.

Today i spent most of the day painting the skin on 32 bases of Classical Indians - it took a while but I'm happy with the result.  There is a lot of work to go but the army is getting there. As you can see my day was fueled by Mountain Dew...mmmmm sugary goodness!!!


Vladdd309 said...

Ugh, batch painting 32 figures at once? Too much for me! Btw, who's that cleaning themselves in the second picture?

Rodger said...

Must have been a great time.

Mark Hazell said...

Vlad - that would be my little Australian terrier OZ. He's my painting buddy :)

Batch painting can be painful but its the best way to get an army done. i just put on a DVD and paint away. Now that i have the skin fully finished on 64 bases i should start making real progress on the army.

James Brewerton said...

I love batch painting, I also had a huge army of those Inidans I used to do commission work for the guy who own 1st Corp (at the time) he paid me with lead to give you some idea I had 8 ele's and my bow units were 2 x 52 man units, still regret selling it:(
looking forward to watching your progress
Peace James
Exiles Painting

Mark Hazell said...

Hi James

You should do another one - its certainly not a hard army to paint in 15mm and under the Ver 2.0 FOG rules MF bow and Elephants have both got a bit better.

I always regret selling armies that ive painted, sometimes starting afresh is a good thing but i don't think I could ever sell any of my FOG toys.