March 11, 2013

What do do when your bored at lunch

Today i started work on a new project.  Over the last week I've been working up rules for playing Siege games of FOG:AM. They aren't quite ready to post up on the blog yet (Most of them are on scrap notes of paper and in my head) but once i have them ready ill put them up on the blog for everyone to read through and see what you all think.  This has all come about from the simple FOG campaign I've come up with (Again it will be up on the blog in due course.)  Any ways one of the things I've always wanted to do in FOG is a siege. In the campaign I've made it that to win you need to siege the enemies main city.  Now i could have done this with a few charts/tables and some dice but that's not how i roll. I knew the guys would want to fight it out to the bitter end. So i looked everywhere online to see if anyone had done up some siege rules and i was surprised that no one (as far as i can tell) has. So i took it upon myself to make some up – we will save that for another post.  Anyways at lunch today i decided if i was going to do sieges then i needed some walls to defend.  An hour of measuring and cutting and we have a very basic outline of a wall.

IMAG0054  IMAG0055

As you can see very basic.  Tomorrow I'm hoping to have added the gatehouse and worked on widening the walls.

I'm aiming for an effect similar to this by the time I'm done.


This amazing wall is from Baueda.  Its rather stunning and rather expensive.  I doubt mine will look anywhere near as flash but I'm going to give it a go and see how it turns out.

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